Talking Cascadia with Randy Flynn

Interview with Randy Flynn designer behind the upcoming tile-laying puzzle game, Cascadia. In this game (for 1-4 players), gamers will be drafting tiles and animal tokens to build their wildlife populated habitats in the Northwest region of North American known as the Cascadia. Soon to be on Kickstarter (September 2020), Cascadia will be published by Flatout Games (publisher of Calico) and features art from Beth Sobel (Calico, Viticulture, World’s Fair 1893, Herbaceous).

The Recipe Behind Circled Sprouts and Diced Herbs

A new in-depth game interview from Ryan of The Inquisitive Meeple with Stephen Finn about Herbaceous Sprouts. A dice game coming from Pencil First Games for 2-4 players.

Publishers of Play: nestorgames

The Inquisitive Meeple’s in-depth interview with Spanish publisher, nestorgames. Best known, perhaps, for their abstract games, that are printed on mousepad like mats, that can be rolled up and easy to travel with. They discuss the story behind nestorgames, abstract games, publishing, and designing.

Rewind: Designing Meeples with Matt Leacock

In this (rewind) edition of Designing Meeples (from March 2015), we interview famed tabletop designer, Matt Leacock shares some advice and tips on designing a good co-op game.

The Tale Behind Those Tricky Tides

The Inquisitive Meeple interviews TIGR writer and game designer, Steven Aramini on his new game, Tricky Tides. Currently, on Kickstarter from Gold Seal Games, Tricky Tides merges tricky taking with pick-up and deliver mechanics.