Robots ❤️ Ice Cream: Preview

Aliens know that the best thing in the universe is ice cream. Players have been saving the world from them for years now on their mobile devices. But Fairway was asked to save the universe, yet again, in today’s preview of the cooperative card game: Robots ❤️ Ice Cream.

Steal the Cookie: Preview

Everyone knows elves love baking cookies even if OSHA might object to their unsafe working conditions–who puts hot ovens inside trees?  But did you know that gnomes are willing to work really hard to steal them? Fairway found out the hard way that gnomes will stop at nothing to prevent other gnomes from making off with their precious cookie when he reviewed Steal the Cookie by Bradley Gaurano. Steal the Cookie is coming to Kickstarter, soon.

Highway to Shell: Review

Fairway loved Frogger growing up. There’s something lovable about the idea of a frog trying to cross a road only to drown (?) in a river. Today, Fairway picks up what feels like the board game equivalent of Frogger, Highway to Shell, by Concrete Canoe Games.